A Legacy In The Making

(2004 - 2008)

1 The Beginning

2 Completion   3 Grand Opening


The large, excavated ore dump from the former Idaho-Maryland Mine that appeared to be a bald spot on the mountain in the distance, is the property of Tim and Margie who are now involved in building their new DeMartini RV facility on it. The purpose of this step-by-step story is to show how the dreams of hard working people become a reality despite many obstacles they may have to overcome. It's how legacies are created. You can skip this and go to page 2 for the completion. Here's a KNCO RadioNews update 2009.

This is the old access bridge to the site (off Idaho Maryland Road) during April 2004,
that Tim replaced in 2005 (below).


On December 4, 2005 Tim invited family, planners, complainers, neighboring businesses and friends on a hay-ride to tour the site. We all met at the new bridge where Timmy took us up the hill to the proposed building site.

This is the building site and plans below.
During the tour, a complainer mentioned that too much roof would be visible. One of the officials advised him that the area was zoned commercial. An email making the rounds to activists to cause trouble read like this...."a large eyesore...building and parking lot, for the purpose of selling gas guzzling monster RVs to rich people from out of the area." These people knew (from earlier meetings) that DeMartini sale's bring in  much needed sales tax revenue to the State and Grass Valley's 10 percent share every month. Not only that, Tim employs many people. It's interesting that he bought  property, and built another store in Indiana after he acquired the local property. The expensive delays have been due to some business unfriendly people who talk the talk about local infrastructure needs, but don't walk the walk with risk-taking, enterprising, hard working people who create the wealth that's needed to do the job.
Looking from site towards the freeway, hospital........and Weavers new facility under construction in 2005.
In 2006, Hills Flat Lumber completed construction of their new site next door. The visible buildings belong to them. By early 2007, the DeMartini project is just getting started.
Huge arms capable of reach over entire project to pump cement into the floor forms.
Almost finished.
Smoothing and finishing the cement floor.
Building the cement wall forms on top of the cement floor. A non stick substance is put on the floor to prevent the cement walls from sticking to the floor.
All the walls are poured.
The walls are now lifted into place by a big crane, and supported by steel braces.
View of the construction from the freeway.
It's May 13, 2007. The camera Grammy, Vicky and the bunch are looking over the
latest developements.
Water and drainage pipes beneath the parking area.
This will soon be converted to pavement...below.

Tim, Brent and Guy (with machine) working on polishing the cement. Vicky watches. It will look like polished stone when they're finished. The hours, work and expense involved is exhausting just to think about....let alone do.  The next picture gives an idea of what the polished cement looks like even though it's covered with dust.

The tool area and stairs to the second story.

View from shop with nine work-bays.

September 1st view of new building from the opposite ridge.

Timmy and Guy are installing the lights in the parking lot.


Tuesday, September 18th.


 Contractor Greg Wilbur and his men are now busily building the interior offices upstairs and downstairs.

View of two story offices and parts section.

Let's go upstairs and take a look.

Lot's of duct work.

More offices over the ones downstairs.

Looking down into the shop area.

Some nice looking trim has been added along the roof areas.


Sunday November 4, 2007


The sidewalks and pavement have been completed.

Insulated roll up doors for the shop have been installed.

All the duct work is finished...and the walls are ready to paint and paper.

The railings and trim will be oak.

Tim cleaning up so he can level the back....

.....Like this.

From a better view...It's nice that Tim ended up with his original plan, and pillars after all the redrawing and haggling over the ideas that some city officials wanted.


Wednesday November 21, 2007


Looking across the freeway from the opposite hill, something new has been added.

"DeMartini RV Sales."

A huge window's been installed. That must have been difficult to do. This entrance area will be paved with the stones below.

Most of the oak trim and doors have been installed.

Kitchen cabinets looking good.

The Parts counter's getting there too.

Looks like this area's ready for cement.

Nice stone work for the entrance's sign Tim created...that's now ready for the print.


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