Fun Time at the Oregon Dunes

(July 4 - 8, 2013)


It's late afternoon on the Fourth of July. Sue rode her motorcycle in the Parade earlier, then we finished loading the RV, picked up Deena and (with Papa Mel driving), we're now headed for the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, and Spinwheel camp site where we'll spend a few fun days with the Bunch.

It's really hot and we're looking forward to going were it's cooler. One very funny sight was a little pond with a tiny island and tree. Beneath the tree in the shade was a cow while her companions were standing beyond the pond in the sun. She was evidently the smart one of the bunch. During the evening we saw a fireworks displays near Mt. Shasta, along with an accident. Someone was probably watching the sky... instead of the road.

Tim and Margie, their RV with trailer and quads.

We visit some other dunes along the ocean the next day. This was our initiation to a cool, strong wind blowing salt n' sand if you're on the wrong side of someone speeding by on his motorcycle. I think we were saturated at the finish. Not just sand in the meat, but teeth, ears and eyes.

Margie and me...tee hee.

Mark on his quad instead of a bicycle.

I rode with Margie. Interesting route through the water.

We pull into the Coquille Indian Tribe Mill Casino and RV park for dinner and to spend the night. Tomorrow we'll head for the day use staging area for the dunes.

They have a convenient shuttle bus that delivers us to the front door of the Casino.

Our bunch enjoying a delicious dinner. Left to right...Mark, Timmy & Areana, Papa Mel & Grammy Bonnie, Sue, Brent, Marie & Tim, Deena and Amanda.

Here's a good view of where we are. The Spinreel campground, the day use-staging area as quad+ and the road that leads to the dunes and trail to the ocean beach.


Spinreel Campground is an off-road vehicle rider's dream, located in the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area along Tenmile Creek in Coos County. Campers can rely on conveniences like drinking water and paved roads, with prime access to the expansive off-road trails along the sandy dunes. The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area Visitor Center, located beside the campground, offers educational programs and ranger-led hikes. It is open year-round, just like the campground, and provides great information on the cultural and geological history of the picturesque dunes.

Brent, Timmy and Mark are either getting ready to go, or have already been.

Areana, Deena, Amanda and Timmy.

Amanda at the dunes.

Tim races up the dune.

...And Brent flys!

Timmy gets a wheelie start at the dune, while Areana watches.

Areana stirs it up and does a wheelie too!

And there's cool Sue blowin' in the wind.

And Timmy's flying too!

 The road to the ocean is rougher than it looks.

Sue does a little spin at the beach.

There goes Brent tearing up the sand.

Can you believe Brent would brave that freezing water? Yeah!

...And the cool wind too? Yeah!

Time for the line-up by the ocean. Papa and Grammy, Deena and Margie, Amanda and lil' Maggie, Tim, Sue, Areana, Timmy and Brent.

Areana and Timmy catching their breath along with Papa and Grammy.

Maggie loves the sand, and digs, digs, digs like a gold miner.

Sue's enjoying the breezy moment along with the others.

You'll never know what lies ahead on miles of beach. I noticed these birds, so investigated and discovered the remains of a seal. The birds probably wish I'd mind my own business.

Your guess is as good as mine, and people keep adding to it. Originally it may have been a place for fishermen to temporarily hang their fish. As you drive along the beach strange objects appear in the distance.The one below turned out to resemble a flying duck, or seagull.

Speaking of gulls, Sue caught up with a bunch.

Megan, Deanna, Kirk and Deena.

Thumbs up to Mason...

...And for beach ballerina Deena.

Nice wind for Kirk to get the kite flying for himself and Megan.

We crowd into the jeep, and head back to camp. Kirk, Deanna, Megan, Papa, Meeka, and me. Cheryl called to tell us the bad news that Mike had a broken leg from a log rolling onto it. Later that evening Sue and Kirk went back to the dunes. Kirk flipped his quad over, and while getting it back upright, it caught his helmet and flipped him over. We took him to a small local hospital where they diagnosed him to have separated (AC) his shoulder and put it back in place along with a sling for his right arm. The shoulder and arm he uses to move lumber and other heavy objects building houses. While we were waiting I heard a beautiful song-bird. It was dark except for this light...and there it was on the top.

It's the next day and we're headed back to California...

There's that interesting bridge near Coos Bay that we're going over below.

The timber-lumber industry is alive and well in this area. Someone said most is exported.

Kirk and Deanna take turns driving.

We pass many log trucks that revive fond memories of our forty plus years in the business. Now Deanna is driving their motor home ahead of us that's pulling the jeep and quad on a trailer. I think that's wonderful.....

...So we had to pull up alongside and get a picture of her driving. Hi Deanna!

An accident ahead between a truck and car.

As we get near Mt. Shasta this old plane reminds Mel of when he used to work on them.

Couldn't pass up these brightly painted trucks.

Sue did a great time driving the ten hours to reach home. If she ever gets tired of being a lawyer she'd make a great driver. The entire adventure was a marvelous experience except for what happened to Kirk and Mike. But there's usually a reason to change something for the better that may have been neglected. One thing I know for sure is that I might be getting too old for long trips, because it takes me too long to recover afterwards.'s always fun to be with those you love.