Timmy's First Demolition Derby

(August 12, 2007)


It's a great Sunday evening at the Nevada County Fairgrounds. Our destination is the arena, to watch the Demolition Derby classic. Timmy decided he'd like to try it, so he bought an old car, and worked on it after work. He painted it Saturday night after work. Those more experienced contestants and mechanics didn't think it was tough enough to do the job. Well, tonight's the big night to see if the rookie and his car can cut the mustard. First we'll grab a bite to eat and then try to find a seat. (Meanwhile, reb up your volume with Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer.")

Don't you love the beautiful big poster of the coming Draft Horse Classic on the front of the main building? Just inside over the entrance are pictures of all those people inducted into the Fair's Hall of Fame. (Mom and Val in 1990).

Mel's urging me to hurry up, or we won't get a seat.

Yep, it's filling up fast. Good thing Margie got tickets in advance. She was hoping we'd get back from our trip in time to attend.

Cheryl, Katie, Amanda and Sue lead the cheering section across the arena from us.

The cars are lining up. Here's Timmy in number 12. That was his number when he played basketball at Nevada Union High School. We used to enjoy that too.

The big movie screen keeps track of everything and gives the audience a chance to show off as the announcers incite people to scream and yell for their favorite car. The prettiest get voted on at the start of the event.

The wild bunch does their stuff when Timmy rolls in. Cheryl's doing her famous whistle.

Timmy's driving with crew member Grant next to him, Guy waving, and Sean on the back.

I think the car and antics of the pirates were clever.

The Marine Corp does it's gun salute...

Followed by the National Anthem.

Preparing a slippery track.

The cars line up for the first heat...Here comes the rookie.

It doesn't take 'em long to make a mess of things.

The crowd goes wild as the cars huff and puff each other into wrinkled metal.

Another line-up preceding the mud fight.

Mason getting into the act.

The nice young man (who took our picture) and his son next to me. They love it.

Timmy made it to the movie screen during the main event.

They're eliminating one another. The last one still running is the winner. It's a riot! It occurs to me that this might be good therapy for those who need to get over their road rage tendencies. The slippery arena provides a safety net.

So much steam that Timmy seems to have trouble seeing where he's going.

All the cars are out for the count....That is, all except that steaming lil' yellow Bee-otch! The crowd goes wild as it's officially announced that number 12 is winner of tonight's event.

Timmy with his car after the race. Surprisingly (from the looks of it), he was able to drive it onto the trailer.

Timmy's win surprised all the skeptics who didn't think he could win with such a fragile car...but his mom asked  if  "they ever read the story about David and Goliath?" That pretty much says it all.