The Enchanted Princess


Once upon a time there was a young princess who was lonely and bored. She wished for a young prince to show up and carry her off to his kingdom where they would live happily ever after. One day as she was sitting by a small pond daydreaming about nothing in particular she looked down and saw two eyes looking up at her. Could it be him? She asked herself. Visions of love flashed through her mind. According to village myth, an evil witch had once cast a spell upon a handsome prince, turning him into a frog. If perchance a princess should find him, take pity and kiss him…the curse would be broken and he would become a prince again and fall in love with the one who freed him from his prison.

The giddy young princess gazed into the eyes staring back at her (her heart beating wildly), and knelt down so that she could get closer to bestow the magical kiss to fulfill her dreams. Closer and closer she drew to those waiting eyes….

Suddenly the eyes, snout and wide toothy mouth of an alligator rose from the churning water… Chomp! Chomp!……….. Burp!