Dave Cremin's Magic

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Dave Cremin has performed professionally in the magic arena for more than 15 years at private parties and weddings, trade shows, sales seminars  and pretty much anything else in between. He's something else...as you'll see in the video.

His love for magic dates back to his teen years, but when he came to New York in the mid eighties, he realized that he had a talent and passion for performing the art. Dave polishes new material several nights a week as a Magical Bartender at Cronin and Phelan's Bar & Restaurant in Astoria, Queens.

He reminds me of Wesley, Mel's cousin's grandson in Wyoming who entertained us with his card magic in 2008. It was amazing how he made the twirling card move up and down and around through the air. I asked if it was magnetism. He said "no," and if he told me it wouldn't be a magicians secret anymore. Ray told me there was a fine thread, but I'd examined everything and saw nothing like that. Wesley even demonstrated doing it with a plastic lid. Later, a friend told us he'd seen someone do it, and there was a fine string involved. However, when he saw the movie I took, he was astounded, because you cannot see anything attached. He thought Wesley was very accomplished. Someone gave Wesley a magician set when he was little that inspired him to practice.

 Watch Wesley the Great's floating card....