The Emperor's New Clothes

The Legend and The Lie

Remember the story about "The Emperor's New Clothes?" For those who don't remember, the story goes something like this: Once upon a time there was a vain king who loved beautiful clothes and public appearances to show them off. Before many years passed, he exhausted the imagination and resources of all the designers in his realm. One day a couple of innovated knaves advertised that they discovered the most fabulous fabric in the world. Naturally, the king sent for them and agreed to pay them handsomely for a suit made from their material.

The knaves went to work. That is, they pretended to weave a beautiful fabric that (according to them) only good citizens could see. Keep in mind that in those days kings were very harsh regarding bad citizens. Anyway, the king grew more and more anxious with each passing day. Finally he was summoned for a fitting, but when the knaves presented their imaginary cloth the king could scarcely conceal the shock of not being able to see anything. The deceivers pretended to drape and fit the material over his body all the while exclaiming how well it looked on him. They even maneuvered him to view himself in a large mirror. Needless to say, the king was overwhelmed by their sincerity...and quickly regained his composure by praising their workmanship. When they asked him if he noticed the beautiful gold threads cleverly woven throughout, he squealed with delight and turned to his gaping servant for another opinion. The puzzled man quickly agreed that it was marvelous, lest the king think he was bad.

Well, the news of the Emperors new clothes spread throughout the Kingdom....along with the psychology that only good people could see them. Finally the great day arrived when the king would parade through the city so everyone could see how wonderful he looked. There he was...naked as a jaybird...with his servants pretending to hold up the royal train that supposedly flowed from his shoulders. As the king proudly walked along the main street, the people cheered and praised him for his beauty...that is, until a little child shrieked, "But he's naked! The king doesn't have anything on!" Suddenly the crowd burst into laughter. The innocent child was right! The king was terribly embarrassed for being such a fool, and the wily knaves? Well, they lived happily ever after in another part of the world.

I've always loved this story because it typifies the very human attribute of trusting an authoritative individual (or media) without question. When large groups of people are persuaded the phenomena is called "mass hypnosis." This manupulated state of feeble mindedness is probably the single cause of humanity's greatest atrocities against itself. We lend our minds and bodies to others with selfish motives to fight wars, and even persecute those wonderful people who stand in their way. Consequently, our most valuable resources are wasted and progress bogs down like a sailboat without a breeze.

During the 100 years of the twentieth century American technology advanced from the horse and buggy to electricity, radio, telephones, television, computers, space ships and microwave cooking. All this time we've had fun booing the villains and cheering for the hero's of history, while laughing at the superstitions of our ancestors without realizing that we're not really liberated from the tyrannical ghosts of the past after all. As a matter of fact, the whole world still labors under lies perpetrated hundreds of years ago. Like the knaves who sold the Emperor an idea contrary to what he actually saw, these real life plotters altered world history through savage conquest, confiscation and obliteration of existing records in a fearful program of mass re-education of those people absorbed by the Roman Empire.

Irish author Conor MacDari (Irish Wisdom) is one of many researchers who claim world history was tampered with, and he gives us a detailed analysis of the wholesale destruction of pre-historic Europe's civilization by the Romans: "It was the combined idea held by the leaders of the Roman church and state that all power should be centralized in the head of the church who was also Emperor of the State. And any and all religious institutions which in any way conflicted with this idea were to be done away with...Through this campaign of destruction and silence, bolstered up by a false history, Rome figured that none would ever know of the part she played in the undermining of the great Irish church, or the religion of Iesa. Iesa was the Irish symbolical savior, crucified on the cross and from him Rome got her Savior "Jesu" substituting the letter "J" for "I." It is translated into the English language as Jesus. All this was done in order that she could have power...taken bodily from the ancient Irish religion..."

MacDari describes Rome's conquest of England, who then wields the Roman sword that literally stabbed Ireland to death. Indeed the English church has long prided itself as being the eldest daughter of the Roman church, and as a co-conspirator she still wages war against the Aryan (or Erin) people known throughout the pre-historic world as the "Children of Light and Knowledge." Whether or not you accept that history was re-written by the Roman church, the mystery and secrets lived on. For one, the sacred traditions of the Irish, Scot, and English King's crowning were performed at the sacred Hill of Tara  where Jacob's  Stone (
"Lia-Fail") had originally been placed.

Many of my writings (including this one) explore the abundant physical and legendary evidence that suggests, the most ancient and advanced civilization on earth began in the western hemisphere; it's government was a world-wide theocracy composed of priest-kings (or Son's of the Sun) who decided the affairs of the world from their citadel situated on the Andes mountains. These men of Meru (or Meropes) are mentioned in ancient legends as the civilizing gods from which Europe derives it's name. Apparently the brotherhood of kings began quarreling over traditional law and the war that followed  caused the great cataclysmic flood that destroyed most of that ancient civilization. Following the destruction, Eire (ancient Ireland) became the new center of the Empire, and stronghold of the Erin (Aryan) people who then returned to the American Continent searching for the remains of their Motherland. These bearded, blond to red haired individuals were the legendary "white gods" (Ayars) who constructed the artificial islands in the Pacific Ocean, the magnificent stone roads, aqueducts, pyramids and cities throughout the pre-historic world. The Erin Papacy was violently overthrown by the Roman Church, who seized the trident scepter, then rewrote history to conceal not only the antiquity of the western European civilization, but their spiritual heritage as well. This was accomplished by enlisting the military aid of puppet kings who destroyed the people and their records. Perhaps the valid reason why Ireland, stubbornly flaunting her national trident scepter in the form of a Shamrock, continued to be suppressed by England.

In my writings I've tried to focus attention on how much of this clandestine story is allegorically told in the Bible. It tells the story of religious corruption and persecution from the symbolic Eve, who originated in the west, migrated eastward and evolved into Mary, the mother of Christianity who then returns to the American continent with Spain's Conquistador
Francisco Pizarro and a priest named Hernando de Lugue to claim the throne of the "Sun Empire" for herself. Prior to their arrival (according to Garcilaso de la Vega) the ailing Peruvian monarch Huayna Capac called his eldest son Atahualpa to his bedside to prophecy the coming of the "strangers" at the end of the twelve Inca kings...he being the last. He requested his son not to fight against them because he could not win. While doing this research it was interesting that there was no recorded name for what became known as Peru. Ancient Hindu writings mention the sacred Mount Meru located south-east of India. I believe that following Pizarro's and priest Lugue's conquest for Spain and the church...that the name Meru changed to Peru. When you get into the ancient Hindu, Peruvian and biblical legends you also find references to mysterious weapons and aircraft.

Not many people know much about history, including what's in the Bible, I call it the living history book where we can see where we've been and where we're headed. As you grow with experience so does your understanding of what you're reading. But that's my opinion. Early on I discovered why it used to be a no no to discuss politics, or religion. Hoping for an interesting Bible discussion the conversation might turn out like this:

"You're changing the Bible," Lola grumbled as she poured herself a glass of milk..."Would you like some?"

"No thanks," I replied. "What makes you think I changed the scriptures? What I'm talking about is in the Bible, but nobody seems to notice it. They only notice what the guides say."

"The authorities of the church are highly educated and inspired people who spent many years studying and they should know what they're talking about," she retorted somewhat agitated.

I could tell it was time to drop the subject. My friend was a devout Christian besides being a wonderful lady who went out of her way to help those in need, forever mindful of bringing stray souls into God's fold. The set of her mouth told me her mind was made up and if we were to remain friends I'd better shut up about my favorite subject. I marveled how easy it is to cause outright anger in many devout  people if you deviate from the prescribed theology of their sect. I ached to remind Lola that this attitude caused the physical persecution and death of Jesus Christ and his disciples. As a matter of fact, world history (including the Bible) testifies that all those who ever dared to challenge established religious thought were usually destroyed by the instruments of God. This is why the Bible clearly says that "it is not of any particular interpretation," and the United State's Constitution's Article I provides for religious freedom. The inspired men who wrote the Constitution were not orthodox Christians. Most knew and accepted the teachings of Christ, but had reservations concerning the doctrines and rituals of men. They were well aware of the Catholic Crusade persecutions in Europe that gave birth to the first labor union. During that period...if you weren't a member of the accepted state church you couldn't earn a living, or even own property. Masonry was an underground labor union of individuals trying to survive persecution.

Because the Constitution allows American citizens the right to interpret the Bible themselves, many different institutions were given a chance. The Mormon Church formed around Joseph Smith, and concerns itself more with the teachings of the Angel Moroni, even though naming itself "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." Mary Baker Eddy's doctrine of "Divine love and healing" evolved  the Christian Science Church. The Seven Day Adventists follow the  inspired interpretations of Ellen White, who avidly studied the Bible, and it's prophecies.  The Jehova Witnesses claim Jehova is the real name of God,  reject Sunday as the Sabbath, and regard Christmas as a resurrection of Babylonian worship. Each focus on specific biblical teachings. The list of interpretation inspired churches goes on and on, but I picked these four because they are considered cults by Christian Orthodoxy. When Jesus' disciples complained others were healing in his name, he told his disciples that if they were for him they were part of his body. Because of the jealousy and in fighting among groups, the Civil law of the land (rather than godliness) keeps groups from destroying each other for the sake of opinion, and forbids a dictatorial National Church taxing the citizens.

The same condition existed when Christianity first appeared. Jesus Christ and his followers threatened the coveted leadership of established religion and soon found themselves being hunted like criminals by the priests and their political allies. The Bible clearly tells us that often it was the occupying Roman authorities who protected them from being murdered by religious mobs. Eventually almost every one of Christ's original disciples were brutally killed for expressing spiritual opinions contrary to the priesthood. Steven is honored for being the first Christian martyr. After one of his blasphemous sermons he was stoned to death by a group of Pharisees led by a priest named Saul...who made it his business to search every house for these enemies of God whom he either imprisoned or destroyed. (Acts 7 and 8). Strangely enough, Saul was eventually converted to Christianity and christened Paul.

The marvelous part of this never ending world-wide drama is that the evidence becomes obvious, but like the Emperor admiring his imaginary clothes, we allow ourselves to believe the illusions created by a handful of very enterprising individuals.