Planting Seeds

By Bonnie Wayne McGuire


hen our children were young, we often studied the Bible together at home. Once (while I was making dinner), I was surprised by our youngest son, who asked me, "Mom, how can you see the Law (cause and effect) working? How can you tell?" He was about six years of age. Evidently he'd really been thinking about our study. I told him to just look around. Everything reproduces its own kind. What we are and do has a life of its own. For example, you plant a tomato seed. It sprouts and grows into a big plant that makes more tomatoes and seeds. Weeds do the same. Human behavior also bears its own brand of fruit according to the deed...Good or bad.

I believe that humans are at the top of the creative heap, and because of this, what we individuals do to others is important for our own well being. Our personal behavior carries the seed of like consequences. The miracle of these life cycles are visible everywhere, but you have to look for them. Satisfied, the little guy smiled brightly and ran outside to play.

It's easy to see the mistakes of others, but hard to see ourselves. It's even easier to blame others for the bad consequences caused by our behavior. Maltreatment of "insignificants" eventually comes home to roost. It's a hard pill to swallow, but life's tough lessons gets our attention and makes us change our ways for our betterment.