Flying's Not Just For The Birds

(Saturday July 12, 1997)


It's a wonderful Saturday for adventure, and friends Jim and Ramona came up for the weekend to take in the 20th annual AirFest at the Loma Rica Airpark with us. Mel did the metal prototype on planes for Cal-Eastern (Oakland), a subsidiary of Land-Air (Chicago) that did the wiring when we first married and lived in the Bay Area. Jim liked to fly what could be better than than checking 'em out locally. Today, there are all kinds are parked everywhere, and we're about to check out the one below.

Otis Spunkmeyer DC-3 sky tours ready and waiting.

Jim used to haul for Otis Spunkmeyer, and after a short visit with the pilot...we're welcomed aboard for the grand sky tour.

Peek a boo...

Okay you guys. Settle down...We're about to take off.

Here's to lots of good times...

We're looking down on Bullard's Bar.

And that's Rollin's Lake.

The air tour was wonderful, and now we're back at the park taking in all the wonderful planes here for the show.

I even went for a helicopter ride. It was a thrill! There were times when our craft just hovered, slightly tipped forward looking down at the tops of big trees. When I was a teenager much of the upper area near the reservoirs had fruit trees. Kathy and I once walked here in the moonlight singing our favorite songs. This place has a lot of history. Need I say more than this has been an interesting day and wonderful weekend with old friends.