And Then...Along Came Winter

(Saturday November 20-? 2010)


FOX 40 News, "Power crews were working around the clock Monday night to restore power to more than five thousand homes and businesses in Nevada County. The power went out last weekend when a storm dropped several feet of heavy, wet snow in the foothills. Trees toppled, power lines snapped and homes and businesses went dark. Rodger Asher, a retired PG&E lineman, sat in his dark living room lit only with an oil lamp and from his window watched linemen from San Francisco work to restore his power. 'You want to live in paradise you better put up with it,' said Asher. Asher and his wife used the wood burning stove to keep warm and to heat food. They turned their snow-covered back porch into a freezer for their food. Outside his home, more than a dozen trucks lined his Nevada City street. Crews used chainsaws to remove fallen tree limbs from power lines and said they'd be at this one site until the sun came up. 'If you've got lights, thank a lineman,' said Jeff Barnard, a lineman with All Day Electric company. He and his crews worked a 32 hour shift, slept for eight hours and were back on the job Monday night."

FOX 40 News also interviewed Deanna at home on Banner Mountain as part of their video news story (including the excerpts above) that aired November 22.

Meanwhile at home....

It started snowing Saturday, and just kept snowing. There were many leaves still on the trees. The great weight of the snow caused trees and limbs (especially the oaks) to fall on power lines and poles. Our electricity was out almost five days. The Pacific Gas and Electric crews worked day and night, throughout bad, freezing weather to repair the damage and restore power. Ours came on Thanksgiving Day around noon. Just in time to shower and get ready for dinner with the family.

Playing cards with Cheryl by candle light was one highlight during the storm. While we kept warm by the fireplace and played cards, not far up the road PGE line men worked to repair the damage.