Spiritual Encounters

"I see a person holding a brilliant torch in the air  like the Statue of Liberty. It's a man with flowing white hair and beard. He's wearing a long white gown tied at the waist with a multi-colored sash. He's that character in the Bible...You know, the Father of Israel. Behind him is a towering Angel. He's showing wings and all to identify his position..."

The young man seated before me seemed equally fascinated as he told me about my spiritual guides. The others in the group were bored and impatient to get on with their own psychic readings. I had been invited by a friend who said the more advanced seers were going to be here. I thought it would be interesting, but this revelation really surprised me.

 It became even more intriguing when I attended a similar group many years later. This time a young woman told me she saw a bearded man seated on a high stool in front of an immense book of great antiquity that lay open on a pedestal. he wore sandals and his simple robe was tied at the waist with a multi-colored sash. She identified him as the personage in the Bible that represented Israel.

 For many years I had been studying prehistoric civilizations, the Old and New Testaments, other religions, ancient legends and rare old books on archeology. The earth was a wonderful mystery that led me on a merry adventure searching for clues that became the pieces of a puzzle that altogether made a picture of a lost world I never dreamed existed. Many times it seemed like an invisible hand pushed me here, or there. But now I couldn't help but wonder why Joseph would be interested in me. Was it because I was deeply interested in some of the mysterious passages in Genesis? Or was there an even deeper connection between us? Perhaps it was because I'd once asked, "God help me....there has to be more to life than this?"
 Then I thought about my grandmother Grace. She proudly told my sisters and me about her heritage, but like most young children....I never paid much attention. She told us that her grandmother was Lady-in-Waiting to the Queen of England, but ran away with the Irish tutor and came to America. She and her sister Agnes used to communicate with their relatives in England. I once had picture of the old English throne resting upon "Jacob's Stone," but never thought much about it and eventually lost it during one of our moves. Years later we stopped at a little museum in Stewart, British Columbia, and I was elated to find a picture and it's significant connection with British, Irish and Scot royal history. Perhaps the connection between Joseph and me was that I'm a descendent of the royal family of ancient Israel.   The tribes that would become the nations of western civilization. My research began with the Adamic, or pre-Israel people whom the Old and New Testaments are about. Contrary to popular opinion, Adam and Eve were not the first people in the book of Genesis. They actually appeared during the seventh era of creation. The biblical Adam was placed "eastward," indicating that he came from the west to an area that stretched from Egypt to India known as the Ad Empire. Genealogists will tell you that if you can trace your roots to royalty you can then trace them back to Adam. The ancient Greek Historian Herodotus and statesman Solon (from different eras) both claimed that the Egyptian priests told them that they and the Hellenic Greeks had the same ancestors. That the Egyptians had a written history dating back 11,340 years (over 14,000 years ago) from Herodotus' time, and that they descended from the most ancient people on the earth, who lived in the west.  The oldest recorded history mentions a place called Meru, the motherland of mankind. "Europe" was probably settled by the Meropes, as they were called.
One thing leads to another. Where was this great sacred mountainous place at the center of the earth? One morning while I was taking a shower a voice said, "How about Peru?" I was delighted, and at the same time conscious of how little privacy we have from the spiritual world all around us. Thanks to my guide I was now off and running to unravel more mysteries of our world.
Apparently, our feet are planted upon Earth's soil, but our minds reach into a vast universe from whence all inventions come. Composers Mozart and Chopin first heard the music they copied. The poet Keats admitted he didn't realize how beautiful his "magic" thoughts were until he put them down on paper. Robert Louis Stevenson said that when he needed money, the "little people" of his mental theater went to work while he slept. In his spiritual encounter, Abraham Lincoln was told that human slavery was an abomination, and that he had to get rid of it. During the darkest hours of the Revolutionary War, General George Washington was visited by an angelic being who showed him three terrible battles the people in America would endure on this soil, but if they upheld their national standard and the God who inspired it.....this nation would overcome all it's enemies.
One could honestly say that we are created in the image of gods, capable of great creativity, or destruction...depending upon our inclinations. Because we're so important, so are the unseen laws of retribution that govern our behavior. Like begets like, what goes around comes around....Karma.
These are just a few of many things I discovered. Once you have this awareness you notice other people's spiritual experiences too. It's a never ending, fascinating story.
From my spiritual mentor many years ago:
"An excellent story of the problem of stubborn people is about a man who thinks he must carry a great boulder with him all the time in order to live. Everything he does is centered around whether or not the boulder can be shifted into proper position. He toils and sweats, and cries and swears, but carries it around always. He is conscious of nothing else, nor of other people who do not have boulders. You see, he is so dumb that he is actually mentally blind, not physically blind. All he needs to do is look at other examples....but he is so wrapped up in self that he cannot see anything but his own boulder, or thoughts, or illusions about life. Jesus, the Christ died a most horrible death in order that a proven way of life would remain on the earth forever...if need be...for those seeking the path home. His followers throughout the ages have also been persecuted, thus keeping the path free from brush that would obscure it. The water is there for all seeking to enjoy it's life-giving resource. The church is ordained to give the direction to heaven, but it cannot force the way on anyone. It is a personal matter of asking. The man, or woman who insists upon obscuring the path with his own illusionary pride has a real problem to solve. Years ago you pointed to the sign post to salvation very nicely, "I don't know about anyone else, only myself, but Jesus Christ was the one who helped me." Your suggestion was rejected by the troubled person. You see...it means that one has to give up a way of life that is admittedly loved. Individuals create all kinds of philosophies that support it, and stagger along with tearful eyes of self pity because of the big boulder they carry. Don't feel sorry for them. They want it that way. It is a story as old as humanity....The rejection of good."
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