The Worlds Largest Burl
(Vancouver Island, Canada)
This spruce burl was discovered by MacMillian Bloedel engineers who were surveying future logging roads at the head of the Benson River about 40 kilometers southwest from here. It was moved to its present location in 1976 by employees of this logging division. This burl was growing at the base of a 35 year old spruce tree. The tree was 271 feet high and 6 feet in diameter at the cut of the burl. The weight of the burl, when it was moved was 44,947 pounds (22 tons). It's circumference at the widest point is 45 feet.
Because all wood is attacked by various diseases and pathogens including fungi and insects, in order to prevent further decay, a layer of fiberglass was molded over the burl in 1997. The two small notches in the face of the burl were cut to enable the faller to climb onto the burl and fall the tree. Burls are abnormal swellings of the main stem or branches and are among the most conspicuous of stem diseases. They result from a disturbance to the cambial layer.

This is the back of the burl showing the trunk of the tree. It's located at the entrance to...