Saturday Night Basketball

(Mar. 15, 2008)


We're at the Sierra Mountain High School gym watching a league basketball game between teams e rumpler and  DeMartini RV.  It's going to be a lot of fun to watch.

Brent and Vicky smile at the camera grammy while waiting to play. Papa, Margie and Laurie watch the game.

Mark heading for the bench.

Timmy intently watches for the ball. He makes lots of baskets.

Vicky's known for her long shot three pointers.

Guy's ready....

The team at intermission.

Vicky takes a practice shot.

Tim and Mark taking it easy.

Seeing is believing...Timmy's a high jumper!

It was a fairly close, exciting game that ended with DeMartini RV getting 50 and e rumpler 43.

Bye Brent...We'll see you for dinner at Ihops.



(March 29, 2008)


It's Saturday night and we're watching the league play-off between DeMartini RV and Gouveia Flooring. It's been a fast moving, close scoring game. The players are getting a real workout.

We were a little late, but heard that Vicky scored a couple of three pointers.

May I have this dance?

I was surprised to learn that the way to hold the line is fowling and free throws.

Time out for strategy. Margie adds her thoughts to the discussion. (hehehe)

Most of the game was close like this.

The games over. Lots of free throws by a great hoopster in the last quarter won the game for Gouveia Flooring. The final score was 60 to 50.

And it's not over until we get some photos of the cheer leaders....

As usual, Timmy gave it his all. From what we've seen and heard, you guys played well and had a great season. Hope to see you play next year.