Meet my new little dog Buddy

( February 2009)


Since I am going to start a part time job, I thought that Sugar needed a playmate while I am gone.  So, I found a little male dog at one of the rescues here and called about him.  The rescue 'mom' said that 'Skipper' had been nearly killed by two pit bulls and left for dead. Notice the shaved places on his body where he was wounded. When the animal control picked him up he was unconscious. They took him to the clinic treated the wounds that were all over his body. The rescue mom called him Skipper, but when I got him home, it was confusing to have Sugar and Skipper in the same area. He didn't respond to Skipper, so I started naming him different things and finally came up with Buddy to which he responded.  Buddy has been a problem, however, because he's much smaller than I thought, and is able to slip through the wrought iron fence. I have a doggie door he must have been used to, so  he got out of the back yard the first morning.  When I arrived home he was curled up on the front porch.  My neighbor said he tried to put him back in the yard, but Buddy growled at him.  So when I leave now, I corral him on the deck.  Both dogs can get in and out of the house, but they can't get into the yard.  They have to wait until I get home.  I also had a little problem with him 'marking' in the house, but I feel that it's because of his trauma, and the fact that he was just neutered and still feels his hormones.  He's a cute little guy----or will be when his hair grows back.  He had long hair like Sugar, but he is much smaller, sort of a cream colored with shades of white.  They had him listed a Pomeranian and Eskie, but the rescue mom said she thought the Eskie was mixed with Cocker Spaniel.  He is very sweet and affectionate, but his size is a big problem, and I hate to keep him locked on the deck. 

Little Buddy seems to have settled in with us real good.