Rooftop PJ Party for the Balloon Races in Reno

(Labor-day weekend, 2008)


Just got back from watching the balloons. My sight was limited as there were lots of cameras. The food was good and we had a little Champaign with our orange juice. Lots of prizes given in the drawing. No prizes for PJs. I won two tickets to a show that I had no interest in, so gave them back. It would have been better if I had won at one of the restaurants.

My daughter Bonnie with her little bear that lighted up with colored lights.

The eagle was first up during the National Anthem.

Yesterday we saw the Wells Fargo Bee but it looked better than today...2/3 miles from the park.

The first of the balloons got up......

Just over the Nevada "N" not far from UNR.

Up, up and away....

More...I had to wait until they got up higher, as there were so many with cameras at the edge of the roof.

Many more and many more to go...

The rolling hills north of the casinos down town Reno....

A little more detail shows here.

We were a little too far away to identify the balloons, but the Silver Legacy was somewhere in this one.

Two little bees making their way into the sky.

Smokey Bear. There were so many people and heads in the way that I got shaky taking pictures.

More and more coming out of the park.

Some of the balloons went to the west and behind the building (Circus-Circus) on the left. St. Mary's Hospital is lower left.

As we were leaving, I turned around and took this of the group that was enjoying the balloons. Bonnie and I had been at the first tables at the far end of the parking garage. We were in a good position, but people got in front of us at the wall.

I also took the roof tops of the other casinos in down town Reno.

Only one balloon drifted over to the east and I caught it on the way out.

Of course, the sun was in the wrong place for this one, but it was better.

Another rooftop view from the parking garage.

This dome is part of the silver Legacy and the plan was to put a ride inside, but it never materialized. I took some pictures of the inside, but it was too dark and didn't come out. It was too big for the flash to do any good.

When I got home, I took this one of myself. It is the best I can do until Bonnie sends me her pictures. My slippers are on the bed, along with the panda I carried. They had said there was going to be a contest for the Bed Head and the PJs, but they just gave us ticket drawings. There were very few PJs at the party. Most people just came in their jeans and sweat shirts. It was chilly, but not as bad as I had seen it in prior years.