Homer and me...

Seattle 2011-6th Armored Division WWII

Hi All...Homer is on his way home. He is worn out, but I am too! I donít think there was a minute that we werenít doing something when we arrived in Seattle. The Command Post (CP) was open all day, so when there werenít any tours or meals, we all chatted in the CP. We arrived on Wednesday afternoon, checked in and went to see who was in the CP. A few, and others joined later. Dinner the first night---we all went our separate ways, but Thursday we started with the Flight Museum at Boeing. It took most of the morning and we ate in their cafeteria. Back to the hotel for free time until dinner. Most went to the CP to catch up on the latest developments. Dinner with the group, more catching up in the CP until late. Friday rolling tour of Seattle and stopping at some interesting sights. We did stop by to see the Space Needle, but not enough time to go up. Group dinner that night. Saturday was our day was really full, as we had a lunch cruise on Puget Sound and our only complaint was the weather. It was cloudy and very dreary and not good for pictures. But those of us who wanted to go up in the Space Needle stopped there and had a couple hours to take a few snap shots. By that time, the clouds had risen and it was light enough for some. Dinner was another longs social hour, and we knew we all had to leave Sunday, so there were some sad farewells, as we departed.

There were only 5 veterans at this reunion, but the families of veterans who have passed were there to pay tribute to those who fought for our freedom in WWII. It was a great experience to see those men and their families.