Artist of The Day

(The Union Sept. 12, 2008)

Randy Millert of Nevada City with his carved wood.
Career/title: Wood Carver

Describe your art: Decorative wall hangings and small sculpture

How long doing it? 5 years.

Why do you do it? Have been an artist all my life, but took up wood carving after I retired from 35 years of night crew with Lucky Stores/Albertsons.

What do you hope to accomplish? To make the ultimate nature carving.

Does my art convey a message? The beauty of nature.

Where do you want to be with this in the future? As refined as possible.

Any special training required? Special dremel skills.

Favorite part? Detailing the finish work.

Least favorite part? Sanding.

Time it takes? One to two weeks per carving.

Is it hard to do? Yes, challenging.

Other comments: A lot of the time the grain of the wood will influence the type of scene it will be. This year I will be showcasing my work at the Banner Mountain Artisans show Nov. 8 & 9 in Nevada City at the Elks Lodge (510 State Hwy. 49 North) and hope to get a good response there. See more at under "Carvings by Randy."