Our Day Out and About...

t's Sunday afternoon ((January 15, 2006) and Margie thought it would be nice to go to Roseville to shop, maybe play some miniature golf, or take in a movie. We all agreed to meet at her house. By the time we got started it was late in the afternoon and we were all starting to feel hungry. Someone suggested having Chinese cuisine at P.F. Changs, and that we'd better call ahead and make reservations. It's a popular place. Was it your idea Amanda?

This is the place.
Notice the picture behind Cheryl in the lobby...
This is a close-up. Don't you think it's lovely?
Hmmmm...I wonder what's on the Menu?
What do you think Katie?

We certainly enjoyed this special dinner. Thanks so much Margie.

By the time we were ready to leave, the traffic was jammed so we decide to head back to Grass Valley and go to a movie. We picked "Glory Road." (Some of us would have rather seen the latest Potter movie, but it wasn't available.) The movie's a true story about the underdog Texas Western basketball team, with history's first all African American starting lineup of players. They took the country by storm, surprisingly winning the 1966 NCAA tournament title. Josh Lucas stars as Hall of Famer Don Haskins, the passionately dedicated college basketball coach that changed the history of basketball with his team's victory. I have to admit it was a wonderful movie.