Ooey Gooey


Once upon a time many moons ago there was a little bug who didn’t know what kind or where he was from.  He thought and thought about it all day, every day long. Then one day as he was thinking about this great problem, he decided to make a journey throughout the world to try to discover his identity and where he belonged.

It wasn’t just finding out who or where he was from . There were all sorts of things that just bothered the heck out of this little bug who wasn’t all that dumb, or all that smart. How would you feel if you didn’t know who you were, or what you were? It was a great mystery to say the least, and this little bug wanted to solve it before it drove him to drink. Thus, one day he began his journey through the this and that’s of the world to try to find the answers to his never ending questions. But first he had to find out where to start his quest, so he went to the library to look things up in a book. My…which and where to start.

 Hmmm…there were soooo many and much to read about. The whole idea was rather confusing and made it even harder to make up his mind. However, he was determined to try. Anything was better than just sitting around wondering what and who and where he was from. Day after day he studied the why’s and where-fore's in book after book, and finally decided he’d learned enough from the books to begin his journey into the great unknown. It was time to pull himself together enough to hit the trail. The whole thought of it was a little terrifying, but nothing tried nothing gained, so pulling himself out to his full length and taking a deep breath, he suddenly found himself heading down an unknown road to the unknown.

Ooey Gooey was a worm
A silly worm was he
He climbed upon the railroad tracks
The train he did not see....