Old Time Stories

The thought of finding a can filled with gold coins beneath the rotting remains of a ghost town, or an old box crammed with a kings ransom is the relentless desire of those looking for instant wealth. Others search used book stores for another kind of buried treasure; rare books that tell about forgotten worlds. No one can deny the excitement of discovering something that was lost, or simply overlooked by everyone else. Its monetary value doesn’t matter, although that would make it even more exciting.

While all of the above are interesting, we realize that they're connected to people who lived long ago. All sorts of people lost in the pages of history. Each of us is a living story...making history. I've never met anyone that didn't have a wonderful story to tell about their life's adventures. A never-ending story from generation to generation.

What good is a story if it's never shared. The following pages represent my kind of treasure that I hope you will enjoy.



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High Schools Gone, but Not Forgotten

January 1952 Snowstorm Buries San Francisco Streamliner

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