The Nevada County Republican BBQ

(Saturday August 23, 2008)


Today is Mel's birthday, and part of his celebration that took place yesterday, because we were coming here today. We like to see people we've known and had much in common with over many years. The speakers at these gatherings are always so informed and positive that its entirely uplifting. Like former President Reagan, they talk about the greatness and goodness of America, and reasons why. This year's theme is "A Republic If You Can Keep it." Here's Sharon at her usual post to greet everyone. Don't you love her hat and blouse?

Sam Aanestad's telling us about Tom McClintock, and the tough stands Tom has taken before the Legislature in behalf of the people. That's why you're listening to "I Won't Back Down." It's seems appropriate. I'm hoping to get some transcripts of both his and Tom's speeches to share with you here.

Tom is a marvelous historian, and he's giving us a run-down on world history, the rise and fall of nations, and what made America great. We shouldn't throw it away. Too many hero's have lived and died for us.

The big guy is going to help me get the information I need to write something worth while for a change.

So is Tom...When I get it I'm going to put it here, and maybe do an article for the newspaper. It depends a lot on my get-up-and-go, or whether it already went.

In case you're wondering...we're waiting in line at the buffet.

Here's my long-time, dear friend Betty. We both started with our spiritual and political growth around the same time.

We shared a table with the Hartmans.

This man is a wonderful speaker. I'll get more on him too. He was the last speaker before raffle tickets were drawn. We left during the raffle. It was a very inspiring afternoon....and oh yes, the food was very good.