Mother's Day 2007

(May 13)


It's a lovely Sunday May 13th Mother's Day at Apple Annie's. Margie and I are the honored guests. But I think everyone here is special.

Tim suggests we all go for a ride over to look at how his latest project is evolving.

The huge cement walls have been lifted into place.

This gives a better idea of how big it is.

Evidently there's a third camera person taking our picture too.

Now we're heading down to the bottom of the future sales lot to Wolf Creek where Tim and Margie want to make a picnic park for their customers.

Mel found an old Narrow Gauge railroad tie from the early mining days, when the train used to run here.

Part of the old mine. It's next to the entrance road below.

The breakfast and tour was a wonderful beginning for my special day with those I love. Thanks everybody.