Milling lumber on a cool Friday
This afternoon Mel figured he could finish milling the one log left on the
Collins job. When we arrived, Kevin was grinding some brush. This machine
makes cutting and grinding brush and trees look easy. This place used to be 
covered with manzanita. Now it's lovely, and much safer from fire. 
As you can see....This spot is Mel's Corner.
...where he and Kevin are finishing the job. Believe it or not, this is a digger pine.
He's going to use the lumber to make side boards for his flat bed trailer. It's
considered a very hard wood. Most of the pitch seemed to be at one end. Pretty
nice looking lumber, but has some stress that makes it harder to cut straight.
The log's pretty heavy to turn, so Kevin helps with his machine. This guy is a hard
worker constantly on the go.
That big slab of lumber on the top was really heavy.
This is a stack of pecky cedar they cut the first day. It was terrible.
Kevin and his brother Barry.
Mel and Kevin finished milling the log just as the snow was beginning to
fall again. That was definitely something to smile about.