The Ocean & Redwood Trails Park

( August 5-7)



We traveled north to the Redwood Trails RV park above Trinidad, and signed in. The section of the park where we were to stay is named Stone Lagoon.

Behind our campsite are the horses some of the giddy-up gang will ride later. Kirk and Jim park their RVs and unhook their Jeeps for the short drive to Trinidad where they'll make arrangements to go deep see fishing. We, of course make the trip in our little RV.

We've reached Trinidad, and are headed down to the dock where the guys will check on things for tomorrow.

They're all set to go out on a boat early tomorrow morning. Not Mel, Kathy or me. Kathy and I have weak stomachs. Skipping ahead...they caught lots of fish, and most did experience some nausea.

But for now, we're enjoying the beautiful scenery and weather. It's a little on the cool side,  but refreshing.

A little seal checking us out.

...And a couple of cormorants enjoying themselves on their favorite outpost.

These two seagulls fought to the death, even trying to drown one another for a long time. Finally, one broke free and the fight ended, much to our relief.

These solar energy packs power the signs along the highway. Good idea.

We saw a herd of elk in this area a couple of times.

Across the highway from our camp ground is this road to the beach.

I not only love the sight of the waves crashing onto the beach, but the sound is wonderful.

Husbands can be so patient. Papa's waiting for me to finish looking for agates in the sand. I'd seen a mother and daughter digging around in the sand for something...and heard the daughter exclaim, "I found a real nice one!" What the heck, I just had to ask what they were looking for. They showed me and the search began. Papa found a couple of flat rocks that shaped like quarter and dollar piece...but he wasn't very interested. It was really nice sitting there in the sand pretending that I would discover some jewels that the ocean polished to perfection. It was softly cool and the waves make you lose track of the time. Okay...I guess it's time to head back to camp.

This park is located in the most beautiful spot. Lots of room for the kids to ride their bikes. A woodcarver has his business here, and his works of art are scattered all over the grounds. There's even a museum (the red barn seen at the entrance), but we forgot to go in and look. Papa and I took a walk to the fishing pond behind the Redwood Trails Gift Store and Cafe. You must take a look at how wonderful it is. On the way we saw a mother fox and her two cubs. They were behind the trash bins. Luckily I was able to capture this picture, because they didn't stay long.

Near the pond is this old abandoned cabin.

Wonder what it looks like from the top of the stairs.

This picture is lovely, but not as much as the bigger one.

Many old tree roots cling to the dam's surface.

The next day we break camp and head for Redding.

There are lots of rafters on the Trinity River. That's something I've always wanted to do.

We've reached Redding where we part company. The kids will start back home, and stop at some places they haven't seen. We wave goodbye and head for Lassen Volcanic National Park.



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