Labor Day In Virginia City
Labor Day week end and a trip to Virginia City. Carl is a member of the Clampers and we were meeting another member of the Clampers in front of the E Clampus Vitus Building.
This building was originally built in the mid 1800s and restored to the way it is today.
Next to the Clampers Building is the Miners Union Hall.
On the other side of the Clamper's Building is Piper's Opera House.
A short distance from Piper's is Virginia City Hall.
We were surprised by ladies in their Civil War costumes heading for a Fashion Show and Tea.

So we joined them and enjoyed hearing about each dress from the day dress to the ball gown.

This lady in her riding habit is looking for her horse.

This simple dress was for a nurse and she carries water in the containers over her shoulders.  Her dress was shorter and simpler because of the work she was doing.

Wealthy ladies wore more lace and ornamental designs with fuller skirts.

This young lady is ready for the ball. lighter colors were chosen to show off the lady. Dark colors would blend into the patterned wall paper and were unable to be seen that is when the term "wall flower" came into use.

Most of these ladies will be in the Nevada Day Parade on the weekend of October 28/29. The theme of the parade is the Railroad. I'm going to dress ready for a train trip along with our chapter of the Red Hat Society in Carson City.