Happy 21st Birthday Jen!
It's Sunday, September 10, 2006 and we're having a tasty
burger buffet to celebrate Jen's big day.
Happy birthday to you...
Katie, Jen and Bradley can get pretty silly.
Come on...settle down and smile.
Papa gave up, so Jen made a special effort to include him....
....along with Grammy.

Happy Birthday Jen - what a day.
We’re very thankful you came our way.
You make laughter and love to smile,
You have made life quite worthwhile.

For you, we want lots of happiness,
You've had your share of trial and mess,
Although it made you strong and wise,
That you realize God hears your cries.

We hope  you've had a wonderful day,
And heaps of blessings come your way

On this special twenty-first birthday.