Putting Together Henry's Fords

By Bonnie Wayne McGuire


Berryman and Allen (Mel's Uncle) had the assembling contract on Fords shipped via the Narrow Gauge Railroad from Colfax to Grass Valley during the early 1920s. Henry Ford realized his dream to build a car for the masses...but Clarence and Ed had to first put 'em together at this end of the line.

This is how they arrived at the depot.

Ed Allen (in front) and four other men unloading a sedan body and a chassis...Two are on the other side. The old Kidder mansion (no longer there) is visible in the background behind the depot.

String of cars and trucks unloaded at the depot. The men in the picture are Clarence Berryman, Ed Allen and Lloyd Abbot.

Narrow Gauge locomotive.

The Ford Garage in Grass Valley.

And finally, here's a picture of Mill Street in Grass Valley during the same period. Notice the streetcar tracks.

The car pictures above were taken by Mel's Aunt Lilly Allen shown here on horseback during the 1922 Fourth of July parade in Nevada City.

Nevada City offered free automobile camping at a park (above) located on Coyote Street during the early 1920's.

Ed and Lilly Fertig Allen and daughter Violet.


(Click photo to watch Model T movie).