Happy 28th Birthday Vicky

(January 20, 2010)

Today is Vicky's special day. The happy birthday song we just sang could have been "Smoke Gets in your eyes." Another year has gone by and there's one more candle added to the cake along with more smoke.....Don't ya love it!

Let's see what birthday gifts are waiting for Vicky to open ...

Last years birthday gift "Reggie" is beside her mutilating something...As Vicky opens a card she asks, " Where's the music?"

Ummm...This mighty bag looks intriguing...

Wallah! It's filled with things that'll come in handy for her upcoming oil painting classes.

What could be in this little box? Maybe a book...

Wow! Not just a book, but a book reading computer. Don't ask me about these new fang-dangle tools. All I know is that you can download many books on it that you can read at your convenience...where ever. Small and compact. How wonderful.

The birthday

A tug of war between the "kids."

It's show time. Lil' Reggie is poised for Vicky to give him the okay to flip and catch the goody on his nose.

And as soon as Margie and I finish our shoot-out we'll all have some cake and ice-cream.

Your cake is delicious Margie.

Maggie's vacuuming up the crumbs on Papa's chest. She also washed the dishes.

It's been a wonderful time together celebrating your birthday Vicky. Hard to believe it's number 28. You'll always be our dear little girl. We love you and hope your life will be overflowing with happiness.