Happy Birthday Mason

(Wednesday May 28, 2008)


Today Mason's officially ten years old. And of course we're all here to help him celebrate.

Nice smile Amanda.

And Vicky's looking very pretty with your handsome Guy today...

Dad Kirk's the chef flipping burgers...while Timmy looks on just in case.

We all brought something for the feast.

Brent, don't ya just love it when I catch you oinkin'?

That's a unique cake Mason. Are you planning on playing the violin?

Time for opening presents.

Look at that sling shot from cousin Timmy. Judge Judy wouldn't approve.

And how about this pop gun from Aunt Margie....Looks like a lot of fun for the teasers.

Tomorrow's Amanda's birthday party, but this is just a preview from Aunt Deanna and Uncle Kirk.

Bradley, Brittany and lil' Coco.

Happy birthday to you...dear Mason!

Now for some delicious cake and ice cream. What'll it be? Vanilla, or rocky road?

Oh, oh! Drew's got the camera Grammy in his sites...Guess it's just about time to leave.

It's been lots of fun. We love you Mason, and wish you much happiness in all you do.


Bye Mason, and Happy Birthday!