Happy Birthday to our beautiful Jen...

(Friday September 9, 2011)


Another year has already gone by, and his evening we're celebrating Jen's 26th on mom Cheryl's back deck. Friend Heidi's little daughter Dylan shares a special place in Jen's heart as well as on her lap.

Papa Mel's smiling for posterity?

You've gotta be kidding!

Bucky's wondering what's in it for him.

Here comes Cheryl with the candle for the Happy Birthday! song.

Happy birthday dear Jen...and many more....

Dylan and Tristan think it's lookin' pretty tasty.

Where's my piece of pie?

Sweet lil' Susie and Vivacious Vicky enjoying the moment.

You can do it Brent! 

And he did manage to eat the whole thing...

A special hug from mom Cheryl.

Quila's getting a little big to be a lap dog.

Our wonderful Amanda is one more reminder of our many blessings. We wish you all, and especially Jen the best of what life has to offer. Happy birthday Jen!

Will to Live

I think of all things that show a zest
For life, the dandelion beats the rest.
The little winged seeds from its white fluff ball
Settle and grow with no urging at all.
Settle in most unlikely places
And soon there's a crop of dandelion faces.

They are man's worst pest, but a child's playthings.
Sometimes I wish I had light down wings
Like a dandelion seed, and could settle at will
On a velvety lawn or a sun-spread hill,
And live with the eagerness and zest
Of the wanton little dandelion pest.

~Mary Triplett~