Happy Birthday Jean!


It's February 25, 2007 and we're here to celebrate Jean's 80th birthday. It's a surprise put on by her family at Seaman's Lodge. We finally made it from our snowy Banner Mountain home. Everyone is visiting, and lining up for the buffet lunch.

It's so nice to see Joyce and Beverly.

Dave and his wife.

Bill and Roy.

And Roy's son Steve.

Jean's children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Jean and daughter Lori.

Iva and the birthday gal.

Okay...This cute pop-up is telling us it's time for the song and candle ceremony.

Happy birthday dear Jean, mom, grandma and great grandma...Happy birthday to you.

The Colliers.

Bill and Iva....

...And a couple of more (unrelated) McGuire's. You've gotta have a steady hand to get a clear picture, although the blur does have it's benefits.

Bye Mary.

Martha and Pinky departing for home. It's been a delightful afternoon with wonderful old friends, thanks to Jean's dear family. What a tribute to a fine lady. We've decided to get together more often.