Grass Valley HS Class of 1950 Reunion

(Saturday 9/08/07)


Many of our 1950 Grass Valley classmates were able to attend the 57th  year reunion held at the Alta Sierra Country Club Saturday. As usual, Ramona and George did a wonderful job. It's always so nice to see those you went to school with, to catch up and remember old times.

Ramona (Carley) and George Bryant.

In fact, Ramona put together lovely picture memories on each table instead of flowers.

The photos are from 1946 to 1950.

George Bryant and Edith "Sunny" (Rademaker) Forrest.

Bonnie (Wayne) and Mel McGuire.

Bonnie (Wayne) McGuire, Marlene (Lane) Fowler and Laurine (Lane) Lile.

Jess "Peck" and Ann (Wells) Snyder are among the early arrivals.



Bill Thomas fixing wife Juanice's name tag. The three of us  used to belong to Sierra Writers, but some people have what it takes. Bill wrote three books that have been published.


"The Avalanche Murders" and "Murder On a Lonely Pond" are sequenced. The other book is "River of Deception." If you're interested click on the book.                           



Dori and Jay Smalridge.

Dori Smalridge and Vonda (Lugenbuehl) White (class of 52).

Jay & Dori Smalridge,  Bill & Juanice (Wasley) Thomas and Vonda (Lugenbuehl) White.

Edna (Williford) and Jack Angove.

Wes Cox and Eleanor (Hooper) Moore.

Tom and Doris Chalmers.

Rosemarie (Bernal) Manning and Roberta (Nattress) Jefferson.


Roberta wanted me to do a then an now picture of Rosie and herself.

Gene and Irma Cole, you have the nicest smiles.

George Austin and Don Wirta.

Bud Valeschini.

David Skeahan...It's been awhile hasn't it?

Cathy and Orlo Steele.

Jack and Bobbie Swanson Cramer.

John and Bonnie (Rice) Ogden, and Vera (Seghezzi) Cohen.

Ross and Linda Miller visiting with  Rosie (Bernal) Manning.

Neil Robinson and Nellie Strong.

Richard Eckstrom and Birdie (McCully) Lane.

Richard Read and Terry McGagin.

Three sisters Connie, Laurine, Marlene and classmate Vera.

Cecilia (Gallino) & Charles Fowler.

Joe Day's wearing some of the pins he's received for many years of service in various organizations.

Roberta (Ingram) Day and Edna (Williford) Angove.

We gather outside for the reunion picture where some of the local residents hang out.

Front: Don Wirta, Laurine (Lane) Lile, Rosemary (Bernal) Manning, Bonnie (Wayne) McGuire, Birdie (McCully) Lane, Ramona (Carley) Bryant, George Bryant. Second Row: Ross Miller, Marlene (Lane) Fowler, Cecilia (Gallino) Fowler, Edna (Williford) Angove, Bill Thomas, Edith "Sunny" (Rademaker) Forrest, Eleanor (Hooper) Moore & David Skeahan, George Austin in front of David.  3rd Row: Gene Cole, Roberta (Nattress) Jefferson, Ann (Wells) Snyder. Back Row: Orlo Steele, Terry McGagin, (Vera Seghezzi) Cohen ,Roberta (Ingram) Day, Jay Smalridge, Neil Robinson & Wes Cox.  Missing, but at the Reunion:  Jack Cramer & Richard Read.

The picture's over so I thought an exit picture would be fun.

Jack, Neil and Bud enjoy some camaraderie.

We enjoy a very delicious dinner. Mel and I chose the Chicken Gorden Blue plate. It was the best we've ever tasted.

George, Ramona, myself, Mel, Bill, Juanice, Jess and Ann sharing a table and conversation.

Cecilia receives special mention for her many years getting the class reunions together, before George and Ramona took over. They're all wonderful for taking the responsibility and making them so enjoyable for the rest of us.

George is reading a name drawn for a special prize. Much to my surprise one of the name's drawn is mine....The lovely little gold mining motif desk set that George made. So creative, and appreciated. Thanks George.

Jack recites his special contribution for the evening. From the smiles you might have a clue. If you're curious, click on Jack's picture. The entire evening was a lot of fun with wonderful people. Sorry some of our friends weren't able to attend. Hopefully...we'll all be able to make it to the next one. 


Grass Valley High School around 1950