Good-bye Buttons

(March 9, 2008)


This is Buttons as a puppy.  She was only 7 1/2 years old today when she passed away.  We thought she was having trouble with her legs and then her stomach, as she had been vomiting.  I had taken her to the vet and they had given her some medication that didn't seem to be helping and was causing her stomach problems.  She didn't cry much, but it was hard for her to walk and climb steps.  She went to the kitchen for a drink and fell over with a cry for help.  Carl attended to her, but it was too late.  I had gone to the store and when I came home, I received the news of my baby.  She leaves her adopted sister, Sugar, and her parents Bobbie and Carl.  She is already missed and will be thought of each and every day.  I am so sad to have only had a little more than seven years to love her.