Good Morning!
(Feb. 27, 2007)
Look what the Snow Fairy did....
As I looked outside this morning to get the paper, this is what the Jeep looked like under the carport.

Then I went out in  the doggie's yard to see if they were able to get to their spot.

This is looking above the boardwalk and the snow on top of the roofs.
Must be about 8 inches I would say
From the front porch, looking down on Virginia City.
And on the other side of the walk the animals all covered and the
 mail boxes and street.
Across the street you can see the hills above the roofs with a couple
 little clouds, but blue sky.
Those are the Sierra Nevada Mountains looking over the roofs
 across the street.
At the corner, our streets have not been plowed
Sun is up and streaming between the homes this morning.
A little more of Virginia City from the front porch.
Out the back door (or side) is the poor little peach tree and the
covered walk and street.

Even the carport got snowed on because the snow was blowing most of the night. And it isn't over, even though the sun is shining and the clouds are few. We are expecting more this evening. Highway 50 was closed from 5:30 last evening until about 6:30 this morning, and the trucks were unable to travel. They just stopped in the lanes of traffic and the drivers went to sleep in their sleepers. The Nevada Highway Patrol had to get them off the highway for the traffic to get through when it opened, and there was only one lane traveling west and chains are mandatory over the pass. Most schools are on a delayed opening this morning, and some are closed for the day. Our schools here in Carson City are all open. It has been a crippling storm for this area.