Hayley, Allyson and Megan look over their potential mounts for the trail ride.

Giddy-Up Gang's A-Goin'


Oh my aching back...These saddles are gettin' heavier all the time.

The guy saddling the horse said they didn't have enough horses for me to ride, but I could ride the mule. I laughed and declined with..."I think we're too much alike."

Ho de dum dum...Wonder what's taking so long?

Okay gang, it's time to start climbing onto your horse.

Hayley's stirrups are a littl too long.

Talk about hanging out in a boring place all day....

At last! The Giddy-Up gang's a-going.

So long guys. Wish I had ridden the mule.

Day's end finds everyone back and enjoying a leisurely evening.