Happy Father's Day Papa and Tim.

(Sunday June 15, 2008)


Today we're honoring our quiet heroes for all they've done. They're holding special gifts from daughter's Sue and Vicky. Tim's attaches to his camera so he can take family photos balanced on a rock, or wrapped around the limb of a tree. Papa's gift from Sue reminded her of her relationship with him, but it's pretty close to what all children feel about their wonderful fathers.

Dad You're one In a Million

"I know that I'm not perfect. Sometimes you have to moan, like when I'm in the shower too long or maybe on the 'phone. But you are mostly kind to me and I do appreciate, all the many things you do....I think you're really great. You've helped me on the right track whenever I did wrong. Without a quibble you would help. You are so very strong. I wouldn't want to change you. Not at any cost. What would I do without you. I'd most certainly be lost."

Time for a pillow fight between Vicky and Timmy.

Margie between two giants...with Sue peeking from behind.

Thank you so much for being such wonderful dads. You deserve the best life has to offer.