Vicky's Baby Shower

(Saturday November 24, 2012)


his afternoon we're getting together at the Nevada City Elks building for a baby shower in honor of Vicky Greever. Our first grand-daughter's expecting the arrival of our first great-grand daughter in a couple of months. Vicky's wonderful mom-in-law Frances is the instigator who pleasantly greets us as we arrive.

Darleen, Margie, Deanna and Megan.

Cheryl's in charge of the entertainment. She put together various nursery rhyme sentences that we'll have to complete. The other contest is how big we think Vicky's waistline is.

Below are a closer view of the photos on the back wall.


Photo's of Vicky and Guy's early years.


Do ya really think this is about right?

This is the "help Vicky and Guy pick a baby girl's name" bottle.

Time to enjoy the delicious lunch.

Vicky and Deena share a hug.

Hmmm...I don't think I can get a word in here.

Ta..da...What'll it be?

Whatever...I'm not fussy.

The waistline guessing contest is narrowing down between Joni and Sally.

Joni Greever (Guy's Aunt) is the winner of both the waistline and nursery rhyme contests.

Here's a glimpse of some DeMartini cousins....

...And extended family cousins.

Another sweet lil' girl.

Gather 'round and see what's in all those presents!

A couple of cuties...

It's hard to believe all the presents have been opened, and all that's left are some hugs for the new mamma to be. Vicky thanks everyone for everything....and being there. I have to add that it's been a great afternoon with many very special gals. I'm  looking forward to the arrival of our dear little great grand-daughter sometime in February.

Dear Frances, thank you and all your helpers for this fabulous afternoon.