Our Rainy Day Thanksgiving

(Thursday November 24, 2011)


hanksgiving day might have arrived with the rain, but it's still beautiful. We're getting together to count our blessings at Margie and Tim's. Dinner is usually at the home where the turkey is roasted, and all the guests bring their special contribution for the dinner, altogether making it a wonderful feast. This makes it easier for everyone.

Everyone's here and dinner is almost ready.

Before we say the blessing and serve dinner, Cheryl wants us to go into the living room to watch a short, funny thanksgiving video by the Skit Guys to create the right mood.

The long and short of it is that Thanksgiving Day finds the lady of the house terribly ill, so her husband and friend decide to cook dinner....and well, you'll just have to watch!

The movie was an inspiration to be especially grateful for all our wonderful blessings, and one another that we sometimes take for granted.

Where's mine?


Ever notice how some can't keep a strait face?

That's more like it girls...

...And guys.

Some of us shifted gears to play Egyptian Rap Slap. It gets pretty wild whenever someone lays down a card that matches the top one on the pile in the middle of the table. Fastest hand on the cards gets them. As players out of cards are eliminated...whoever winds up with all the cards wins.

Areana's ready to pounce. She's really fast...and this ol' gal didn't last long during the shoot-out.

It's been a wonderful, blessed day with very dear people. The nostalgic drive going home through Nevada City always brings more thoughts about how lucky all of us were to have been born and raised in this beautiful place.