Mike Takin' Care of Business

(Monday September 1, 2014)


You might say that this is what a hard working guy does on Labor Day weekend. This dead tree was something we worried about, because eventually it would fall who knows where. Mike knew exactly where to fall it. He said that's the way it wanted to go...across the drive way, between the trees and uphill on the bank so it wouldn't damage the road.

We're told to stay at least twenty-five feet away for safety.


...And a cloud of dust when it's down.

Well done Mike...

Sue's counting the rings to see how old it is.

Mike cuts rounds....one by one drops down on the road without doing any damage. Easy to roll off and he then cuts them so they'll be easy to split for firewood. Cheryl's got her winter supply almost ready to go. We're all so grateful to you for taking care of it.