Happy Birthday Margie

(Saturday July 13, 2013)


When Margie arrived home from a shopping afternoon with Amanda she was shocked to see so many people here. An early surprise birthday party isn't easy to suspect. This is her 60th so Tim, Vicky, Timmy, Amanda and Brent wanted to do something really special.

The celebration begins with a BBQ out back...

Even lil' Maggie gets in on the goodies...as long as she has good manners.

Here's Areana with the birthday cake.

Happy birthday dear Margie....

Granny and Elodie.

Dave and Tim checking out Margies new quad.

Margie takes Nancy for a little spin.

...And Areana takes her smiling mom Linda for a gentle ride.

Yes...that's Deena with the beautiful braided hair.

Elodie is having a great time practicing the art of grabbing whatever gets close.

Kirk, Brent, Mason and Peter playin' the game.

The birthday gal about to open her cards and gifts.

Don't let anyone fool you that age doesn't matter. What do you suppose this card is about?


Motorcycle mama takes Margie back a few years.

Nothing so refreshing as a slice of watermelon by a special cutter.

As this wonderful day draws to closure....Guy shows us the new artwork on his left arm. It's been great fun with very dear people. Happy birthday Margie! We've really been blessed with lots of joyous memories having you around for the past sixty years...and hope there will be many more happy times to come.