Happy Surprise Birthday Grammy!

(Sunday May 5, 2013)


I didn't notice anything unusual when we entered Cheryl's house. Sue offered me some jelly beans, and said she'd check out the car I mentioned seeing in the driveway. Cheryl was standing between me and the dark hallway. As I was about pop a jelly bean into my mouth there was a resounding "Happy birthday Grammy!" as everyone came out of the hallway. I've never experienced anything like it during my entire life. They sure played it cool.

A special gift from Papa.

Happy birthday to me...and then...Huff and puff, and hope the smoke alarm doesn't go on.

Lil' Elodie is getting sleepy....and Grandma takes over.

It's been a very special afternoon with very dear children, grand children and our new great grand-daughter  Elodie (catching thirty winks). Thank you all so much for my wonderful surprise 81st birthday party! I love you very much.