Grammy and Papa's Surprise 62nd Wedding Anniversary

(Sunday Oct. 5, 2014)


Following Vicky's baby shower Oct. 5th, Cheryl wanted us to go with her down town to have some cake and ice cream with her, but had to return something she borrowed from Kirk first. When we got there we were too tired to go inside. Deanna came out and wanted us to see what Kirk was making so we walked around to the back where we were greeted with "Surprise! Happy Anniversary!" They fooled us again with a special dinner sharing fond memories of our wonderful 62 years together.

Amanda, Elodie and Katie.

Brent and Guy.

Margie and Tim having fun with Elodie.

Grammy, Amanda and Areana smilin' cuz it's fun.

Vicky, Papa Mel, Cheryl, Amanda, Jen, Katie, Grammy and Sue finishing up a wonderful dinner.

Areana and Timmy enjoying the moment.

Brent's not going to catch up with Tim...or is it a second helping?

Mason, Deanna, Margie and Kirk prefer being down by the pool.

Deena and Jen lookin' cute as always. We thank you all for the wonderful, unexpected surprise party you gave us, and want you to know how much we love you. Just being with you is always the best time of all.