The leftovers ready to go hunt eggs.

Easter Sunday Family Fun

(April 20, 2014)

Everyone's up at the lake by the time we arrived. Mark and Laurie's family and friends. They're planning to have lunch there, but we'll be doing that next door at Tim and Margies.

A little target practice about over. Former winner Areana was wearing the wrong shoes to win today. Hehehhe.....Sandals just aren't the same as some good ol' boots. However, Drew managed to do it. That smile tells all.

Following a great lunch everyone heads for the pool. Everyone except ol' foggies that lost interest in wearing a swim suit and being half drowned by the playful whales and dolphins.

Lil' Elodie's been having a great time with Grandma Margie, but now it's time to go see Grandma Francis and family.

Cheryl just made a big splash, and when she climbed out she had a little button on each pocket in the back of her shorts that spurted water just like to little fountains. It was so funny, but I didn't get a picture of it. Now the gals are trying to dunk each other.

This continues on and on until the great white sharks make their appearance under water.

Papa Mel, Deena and a friend taking it easy.

Time for those still here to get ready for the egg hunt.

Grammy Bon, Mason, Areana, Timmy, Katie, Amanda, Sue, Drew and his friend. I decided to join in the hunt this year, because I was thinking about making my mothers delicious tuna salad recipe. We haven't enjoyed it in many years.

After going round and round snooping here and there under the bushes and in the tall grass we finally found all the hidden eggs. I found four, but Katie was the winner shown below. No, she didn't find all those shown.

As we relax and visit, some of us learned how to play a blade o' grass tune. Brent, Areana and Cheryl had quite a duet going, but I didn't catch it in time.


Lil' Maggie's having eyesight problems, but hopes to find some goodies with her nose.

Well dear ones...It's been a joyous Easter filled with love and goodness for all. Bless your hearts for being wonderful you.

Yeah...we agree!