Areana and Timmy's Wedding

(Saturday June 23, 2012)


t's a beautiful afternoon for Areana and Timmy's wedding. The sun's shining, there's a pleasant breeze and wonderful music to set the mood. The chairs are filling up... Bride's family and friends on the left and Groom's on the right with immediate family in the front rows. Some time left for visiting and photos before the ceremony.

Timmy's great Uncle Dick with his daughter Marilyn. He will be 102 years of age in August.

Cheryl's holding Dave and Nancy's sweet grand daughter

Areana's mother Linda with grandfather Armin who's almost 90 years of age.

The wedding has begun...Here come the father and mother of the Groom...Tim and Margie. the front where minister John Mills and Timmy are waiting.

Next are the bride's maids and best men in the wedding.

The little ring bearer, and his brother....

Timmy's best man Brent receives the ring.

And finally...the cute lil' flower girl.

But where's the bride and her father? Everybody's looking across the field...and waiting.

After some time they come riding up on horseback, dismount and with arms entwined they walk down the isle to where the minister and others in the wedding are waiting. (We learn later that the reason they took so long was because Areana's skittish horse bucked her off. She was okay, but they had to brush the dust and weeds off her gown. Then she mounted her dad's horse and completed the ride).

Behind them is a special communion table. Each wrote a little ceremony expressing their love and vows to one another, before the minister pronounces them man and wife.

...And midst the cheers and clapping the attendant's depart.

Mr. and Mrs. DeMartini. After a few more photos everyone walks down to the dining area for a tri-tip steak and chicken dinner. Areana and Timmy have their special table where everyone can stop and wish them much happiness.

Howdy...pretty girls Amanda and Vicky.

Adrienne, Chris, Chip and Sue.

Cousin's Lisa, Cheryl and Shauna sharing smiles.

Mother of the bride Linda, and Cheryl.

The bunch and a couple of extra's.

Erin Pardini (Livingstone Photography) and I have a shoot-out.

Jeff's a great Chef!

Vicky and Guy...and family below.

Sue, Dave, Roby and son.

The Jon DeMartini family...

Lotsa DeMartini's....

Following dinner, Brent is the first to tell some funny recollections about the newly weds that bring on the laughter.

From left to right Megan and friend, Ken, Darlene, Deena, Drew, Deanna and Kirk.

Best friend who taught Areana to ride motorcycles...

Older sister shares some fun...

Tim's story is really funny!

Areana's mother and father bring the stories to a wonderful conclusion...

May I have the first dance?

...And second dance with Mom?

Not much room left on the dance floor. Isn't it great?

That wheel chair doesn't slow her down!


The DJ does a great job.

Time to call it a day...It was one of the most beautiful, spiritual, and fun weddings we've ever witnessed. A wonderful reminder of what marriage is all about. Thank you everyone for all you did to make it special. We wish Timmy and Areana a marvelous and joyous life together.