Winter's First Snow

(December 14-16, 2008)


The weatherman was right this time. The first snowflakes were flying early Sunday morning, and since the power was off, we rolled over, and went back to sleep. A few hours later the furnace woke us up. The rest of the day was spent pretty much hibernating indoors by the fireplace. Sue decides it's time to go to town and run some she's getting some of the snow off her car. Annie dog would like to go with her, but opts to go the usual routine fetching the Union newspaper with Mel.

(Maybe we should all head south...)

Yes...That's the sun breaking through.

What's new and interesting today?

Not much.

That's the sun trying to shine on my shoulder like the song says.


(Friday December 19th)


It snowed more during the night...covering the old tracks. Wait up Annie, I've got a good idea for a home-made snow plow. Annie didn't think much of my idea, so we're making new designs in the snow....

Yes, it's still snowing.

The picnic table is loaded...Look what the snow did to the old Republic homestead next door when the heavy snow slid off the upper roof onto the lower porch roof. Not a very nice Christmas present for Dave and Lisa. Glad no one was injured.

Kind of like the good ole days when we were snowed in almost every winter, and had to worry about roofs caving in under the weight of heavy snow. No sunshine on our shoulders today.

January brought almost springtime weather, but February's another story.