Thanksgiving Day's Many Blessings

(Thursday November 25, 1010)


Today dawned as our fifth day without electricity and water because of the heavy snow that brought down many trees, limbs, power poles and lines. The PGE crews worked night and day in cold, stormy weather desperately trying to restore power to thousands of homes. I thought about the Indians, pioneers, homeless, and poor starving people all over the world. Compared to them, being without electricity a few days is nothing. Much to our delight the power came on this afternoon around 12:30. Hoorah! I shouted...and mentally blessed the guys that made it possible. On our way to the family gathering we stopped at Safeway and picked up all the things I needed to make my fruit salad contribution for dinner.

Tim volunteered to prepare the Thanksgiving turkey and dressing relieving Margie while she recovers from her surgery last week. Another blessing we all think about. Dinner was planned for around 3 pm and Tim's wondering why the turkey's taking so long. Evidently it caught on fire once. Darn! That would have been some photo.

Brett and Drew wait it out, and Timmy proudly displays his tee shirt and shares some laughs.

Feisty lil' Maggie eyeballs oblivious Hunter who's enjoying the family.

Hi Vicky....

The card sharks are trying to outsmart each other...

Things are looking up. Timmy and dad are carving the turkey and putting on the finishing touches for dinner.

Everyone gathers together to give thanks to God for our many blessings. Then Sue and Tim take the family portrait before our delicious dinner is served.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

After dinner football, conversation and an exciting movie fill the rest of our evening. It's been a wonderful day all around. Our gatherings always are, no matter what the occasion, but this one has been very special following the snow storm, and Margie's recovery. You're the essence of our life, and we love all of you very much.

A hello and goodnight Nevada we head for home.