Skiing Sugar Bowl

(Tuesday December 23, 2008)


Sue, Amanda, Cheryl and Margie about to embark to the wild white yonder on the ski-lift. Brent's already up there somewhere.

Ridin' the lift up the hill (like Jack n Jill).

Brrr...Perfectly cold and powdery.

By golly... we caught up with Brent!

One more ought to do it...

Yes those are icicles on my face.

You don't have any idea what skill it takes to film a movie and ski at the same time.

It's the end of a perfect day. What a way to go...we went skiing on New Year's Day and are back at it today.

Continuing into 2009....There's more.

Margie and Vicky.

Margie, Sally, Amanda and Sue take a refreshment break.