Easter Sunday Delight

(March 4, 2010)


Easter dawned overcast  with clouds threatening rain and snow by days end. The little Junco (and dormant blooms) on the dogwood tree convey the message that it's cold outside; not the best weather for an Easter egg hunt. Yesterday the girls had fun coloring and decorating eggs. The only little kid in the family is Mason, who will have to compete with the over grown kids at heart. The festivities will be next door at Cheryl's. We all bring something for dinner.

Reggie and Bucky are having a great time wrestling with each other. They're like a couple of little boys showing off.

After dinner some of the bunch gets ready to hide the eggs, while those participating in the hunt have to stay in another room. The cutie's below are Amanda's special creations.

Justine and the others are on the lookout for good hiding places.

Tim's hiding plastic eggs with prizes.

You'll have to guess what's so funny...

Actually...everything is. Here comes the stampede to find the hidden treasures.

Moments ago, when the eggs were being hidden, Rasha (the cat) was enjoying her cozy bed. One of the girls hid an egg under her. Can you imagine the bunch descending upon her in search of eggs. She disappeared the rest of the evening. Below is a  photo of her admiring herself in the mirror.

Brent thinks a giant may have hid something here....

The hunt got pretty exciting here.

Tim gives a few hints.

Hidden inside the bow is a prize egg. Timmy looked, but didn't see it.

Now the bunch is headed for Cheryl's studio.

Amanda finds the grand prize others missed.

So much fun! Can't you hear the laughter?

Lil' Cory is only interested in what Kelsie's giving her for dinner.

The hunt's over and everyone had a lot of fun...even if they didn't find a prize egg.

Brent and Mason did it.

Areana, Timmy, Drew and Justine relax between events.

A few tall tales between good friends is always fun.

Now we're getting down to a nitty-gritty no holds barred game of Apples to Apples. The hardest part of this game is aching sides from laughing so hard.

The neighbor's cold and shivering lil' Punky dog showed up and is comforted by Papa, while Tim relaxes on the sofa. Don't remember who won the last game, but then eleven of us shifted gears to play Egyptian Rap Slap. It gets pretty wild whenever someone lays down a card that matches the top one on the pile in the middle of the table. Fastest hand on the cards gets them. As players out of cards are eliminated...whoever winds up with all the cards wins. We had to use two decks, because so many were playing. Those left playing are wondering if it will ever end. (Hahaha...That' what you get for being so fast.)

It looks like Mason, Cheryl, Areana and Sue are still going.

Katie's working on her art project as the evening draws to a close. It's been a memorable, delightful Easter with our dear family and friends. May there be many more as fun as this one. Evidently it's now snowing outside. Glad we live next door and don't have to drive.