We Wish You a Merry Christmas



It's that wonderful day we've all been looking forward to. We're at Kirk and Deanna's again this year, where we'll enjoy some delicious food everyone prepared, camaraderie, white elephant present exchanges and lots of laughter. What more could anyone ask for...than  celebrating the birth of Christ; the spirit of His goodness for a happy life here...and forever.

We're all gathered around the beautiful tree ready to draw for presents.

Ummm...Katie can make some of her delicious juice drinks.

I picked up this one, but didn't keep it long...

I ended up with the popcorn. It's absolutely delicious!

Kirk...just what you need another one of....on the job.

Looks like Sue got a waffle iron...

How much am I bid?... Just kidding Margie.

A tool bag for use on top the ladder. Just what Cheryl wanted.

Never did see what Tim wind up with?

Hmmm...Looks like some things that might come in handy.


Timmy's happy with the nice, cuddly throw he snatched from Vicky.

I'm not positive, but it looks like the ladder tool bag making the rounds.

Guy snatched Papa's case...but what's it for?

Lots of what Papa's spent a lifetime collecting...and using.

Before the evening's over...Cheryl sings us a Christmas song. It starts like this..."Mary did you know?"

One of the strays that adopted Kirk and Deanna a couple of months ago. She and all the cat lovin' dogs seem to get along fine. It was a concern in the beginning.

The remains....

Upstairs the lively bunch gets with it with the you make it dance n jive exercise program.


And finally...Time to gather in front of the tree for a family photo.

...or two or three. Someone's always goofing off...Brent

Hmmm....Do you suppose this one's more natural?

Once more it's been a wonderful, delightful Christmas with those we love. Hope you all have a great New Year, and that we'll all be around to celebrate for many years to come.