Anne and Bradley's Wedding

(Friday June 25, 2010)


We're all gathered together at Empire Gardens to witness Bradley and Anne's wedding. It's a perfect afternoon. We wait midst lovely trees, flowers, and sparkling fountains for the great event. The strains of Pachelbel's  beautiful melody fill our senses as Anne and her father Jon follow the flower strewn path to the stone cottage where she will join Bradley.

The ceremony and vows.

Wedding rings...

You may kiss the Bride...

I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Heward.

Following the Bride and Groom are the Maid of Honor and Best Man.

After most of the guests depart for the reception, the photographer has more to do.

Aunt Sue, Bridesmaid Katie, Groom's mother Cheryl, and Grammy.

Jen, Katie, Shaun, Alma and Cheryl.

The Reception

It's time to head over to DeMartini Circle for the wedding party.

Later some are lining up to take the plunge.

The naughty, nutty swim team.

Time to say good night. It's been a wonderful afternoon and a beautiful wedding between two dear young people. We truly wish you both a long and very happy life together.