Anne's Bridal Shower

(Friday June 18, 2010)


This evening we all enjoyed some delicious salads and sandwiches at Anne's Aunt Nancy's. Now Anne's going to open her pre-nuptial gifts we brought. She and Bradley's wedding vows will take place next week. While she's opening her presents you are invited to listen to "Happy Girl."

Cheryl is hostess of the guessing game. Lots of laughs trying to guess matching cards.

Then Anne gets down to business opening gifts, while mom keeps track.


Anne, her mom Lynne, and future mom-in-law Cheryl.

And here comes Aunt Laurie with some delicious strawberry filled crepes.

Wouldn't you know it...a couple of grandmothers both had slow cookers on their minds.

Anne models her tiger shower wrap and cap.

And what do we have here?

It's been a fun evening with lots of laughs with the gals. Congratulations Anne, and we hope you and Bradley have a wonderful, happy life together. That it be filled with the joy reflected in these wonderful photos by Jen.